Fornells Beach

Fornells Beach is situated in the north of the island, in the middle of the Northern Menorca Marine Reserve, and consists of a stylish hotel complex. All the buildings in the area are built in a typical Mediterranean style, i.e. small white houses. The beautiful Cala Tirant beach is nearby and its clear water and wildlife reflect the well conserved state of the Marine Reserve.


Fornells is a village located in the Bay of Fornells in the north of the island of Menorca. Fornells has a population of 1,000 inhabitants, although this figure increases significantly in summer. The people of Fornells are known as Fornellers.

In the middle of the seventeenth century a settlement grew up around the Castillo de Sant Antoni in Fornells, and this area forms part of what is known today as the old part of Fornells. In 1713 over 100 inhabitants were recorded. The first inhabitants of Fornells were soldiers from the Castillo de Sant Felip de Es Castell in the port of Mahón, who came to settle in the north of the island with their families.

The village is an ideal place to relax whilst enjoying a variety of regional food, well preserved natural surroundings, including the nature reserve, sports and, of course, scuba diving in one of the most pleasant parts of the Mediterranean.